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Underwrite unsecured loans efficiently and profitably.

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About LendSight

At LendSight, we believe in the power of using Big Data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to identify lending opportunities. We understand the finance world—but we also believe in thinking outside of it.

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Making a decision has never been easier. Built on Big Data, our software makes it possible to underwrite unsecured loans efficiently and profitably.

Join the ranks of banks taking a step in the right, data-driven direction.


We strengthen your underwriting process—we don’t replace it; our data is reliable, secure, and easy-to-use.


Don’t rely on outdated underwriting; our Big Data-powered tool adds to your bottom line, while saving you and your team time.


Approve more loans in less time with a tool that facilitates your decision-making through automation; confidently and quickly say “yes” or “no”.

The LendSight Model: A Powerful Edge

Our intense focus on research first set us apart in the consumer lending space. Our models are developed and managed by our Predictive Analytics Team, based in Brunswick, Maine, and led by Dr. Nathan Tefft.

  • The LendSight model applies econometric, statistical, and machine learning methods to analyze historical data with hundreds of characteristics related to investment performance and macroeconomic context.
  • The model is at the core of the powerful and sophisticated software LendSight uses to identify lending opportunities.
  • The Predictive Analytics Team conducts regular experiments and stress tests to adjust the model so that it responds quickly to changes in data.

How LendSight Works

Potential Borrower

Step 1

A potential borrower completes a loan application at a bank.

Bank Process

Step 2

The bank vets the borrower in various ways, including a FICO score. A loan is approved by an individual or committee.


Step 3

Using LendSight, a bank can approve a loan and set an interest rate in just seconds.

Approved Borrower

Step 4

The borrower makes monthly payments to the bank.

Our Software

Our LendSight software is the result of a decade of experience building highly-sophisticated statistical models, using a proprietary data set. That means we’ve already done all the heavy lifting, so you can easily and profitably participate in consumer lending, overcoming the obstacles of time and training, and exposure.

What the LendSight software delivers:

  • Entry to the profitable world of consumer lending using excess capital reserves.
  • The streamlining of your underwriting process; the software crunches numbers faster (milliseconds) and more accurately than a team of people.
  • A definitive answer on loans to approve based on good payback probability, including suggested interest rates.